Hiding in Plain Sight

I wrap myself
in the warm silence
of anonymity
I walk among you
one of you
yet not quite of you
You see me
you step around me on the sidewalk
you avert your gaze
so I know you see me
or you would never even bother
into this life of fiction
I crawl
hiding in plain sight
of anyone
who might care to see
but no one sees
no one cares
no one bothers
to even try to understand

hiding in plain sight

sitting folded hurt and small
back against the cold tile wall
shower raining down on it all
washing away the tears
evidence is gone but not the fear
alone and lonely I am here
Silence closes quickly in
above the city’s rumbling din
What a game, I give up you win
Just leave me here where I sit
cold and alone precipice hit
nothing to turn to but my wit
buckle on a smile
only fake it a little while
Till back alone again mile after mile


beauty consumes regret
as regret lays rotting in
the wild of the morning
crawl out
of the chrysalis the shell
from within
fight your way
strengthen wings of brilliant color
soar from the rotting carcass
that is no longer

Have Pen Will Travel

Sitting in the middle of everywhere
going nowhere
a traveler
have pen will travel
wrapped in the knowledge
that everything is transient
that everything is perminent
that everything is nothing
and everything
and nothing is everything
all of the universe is in the stardust
of which I am made
the ghosts
of what was
of what could have been
of what never could be
because of what is
and the lost of all that what is
is lost in all that is all there is

It was in her face

You sneer your pejoratives
like they are a bad thing
like they are something
I didn’t already know
i hand’t come to terms with
decades ago
you sneer them
and you mean them
internalize them
I promise
it doesn’t rub off
not catching
not even close
beneath contempt
yeah, probably
but if you are the alternative
I would just as soon
be me


Do you sing?
I hear the quiet click
of feet
as you land
almost silent by my side
do you sing
when your heart
is full of sorrow
full of joy
full of song
do you sing
Do you lift your voice
to the heaves
tone deaf raucous elation
and allow your voice
to reach to the heaves
to soar to the stars
to part the gray skies
and take flight
do you sing
for despite whether or not
you sound like a nightingale
or you sound like a crow
the answer to
do you sing
should always be
of course
for every bird has their song
and every song
needs to be sung.