February 2016

February sits hard
like an anchor
dragging down
slowly and inevitably down
it sits and it sinks
and no matter how hard you work at the knots
it will not come untied
ride it to the bottom
because somewhere
the bottom
has to somehow become
the top again
and when you come out
on the other side
there will be
the rest of the story


Author: April Wells
Published: February 5, 2016

Sea Shore Ballet

She Danced
In the darkness
with the stars in her hair
and the velvety night her cloak
she danced
the vacant streets
her only stage but she
dances her lonely nights away
she danced
spotlight moon shine
water diamonds scattered
and all around her, the music
she danced
night birds calling
sea waves the melody
the song forever in her heart
she danced


Author: April Wells
Published: February 4, 2016

Glimmer of hope


long and violent
fraught with anger and with pain
sleep eludes
dreams unclaimed
and still
in the chaos
in the absolute stillness
that precedes the dawn
the jewels of the night
sparkle and shine



Author: April Wells
Published February 2, 2016


words wouldn’t come
standing, mouth agape
horror and astonishment
happiness and excitement
fear and desolation
words wouldn’t come
they say
when obviously words failed them
and they stand and watch
in utter silence


there is me

words chase continuously
never quiet
silence never silent
they scream and laugh
and thump noisily up the staircases
that fill the shadows
of my brain
and the won’t ever stop
I hear them
over the music that drowns the external
over the fragments of dreams
that haunt too little sleep
beneath and beside the waves of the water that soothes
they come
and they chase
and they never cease
and just when I think that the peace may come
they notice
and they return
and get stuck in the folds and hollows
of my brain


Author April Wells
Published January 31, 2016