from kjpgarcia

I chase
the morning
the shadows
the cool fresh dawn
across meadows
through the trees
to the bridge of dreams

Across the bridge of dreams
where my foot falls call
to the creatures of the river
the runners
who share my exhilaration
To the early autumn
crisp leaves
that chase my feet
across the thumping boards

As I pass
I wonder
at the beauty that calls to me
at the water that calms my mind
at the swans that cause
my mind to soar…
I chase the dreams
of  child grown to adulthood
and set my feet to wing


2 thoughts on “

  1. Autumn is my favorite time to run. A good dozen miles, going none-too-fast thinking of everything from Scott Jurek to Oscar Wilde and of course as you point out, dreams.

    • RA and my rheumatologist suggest that running for me means walking very fast… but my walking very fast also means I can finish a half marathon in 4 hours so I’m cool with that.

      Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Especially mornings in the fall… chilly weather… often frozen puddles. Makes me homesick for western PA every year this time of year… sigh.

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