Mother’s Vigil

Now I watch my baby sleep
A Mother’s Vigil Here I keep
Bring her bear
her phone keep near
Grab her cup
while she throws up
Surgeon says all went well
for those who doubted go to hell
Glamour gone
My vigil goes on
By her side
with mother’s pride





<< okay okay… it isn’t the best, but It’s been a long day already, and it is barely half over>>


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Vigil

  1. Having had my gall bladder out this morning, I can relate to the picture above. And having, in the past, been the one beside the bed, I can relate to your poem. Enjoyed and I hope things go well.

    • Hope you start to feel better. Her’s is a nephroptic kidney… she has four wicked cool incisions on her tummy each the size of a pencil eraser… and is trying valiantly at the moment to stay awake long enough to catch up on facebook and youtube… thank heaven for free wifi in the hospital!!!

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