Monday Mornig Oddments

an unused trashbag
at the corner
of the Dunkin Donuts Drive-thru

chocolate milk carton
Marlboro box, shiny and red in the street lights
wet squished into the pavement paper towel

Bright red glow
of airborn ash and but
set sail at 60mph

Happy dancing
walmart bag
set free to the wilds of rush hour traffic

Tire shred
escapee hat and one white sock
pidgeon feast of pizza crust in parking space

Fifty Seven cigarette butts
yes I counted
between parking garage and office door

Four beer bottles converse
one smashed
to glitter and shards on the sidewalk

A hot dog boat
replete with
bun and chilli and onion bits

a napkin
a champaign hat and a poker chip
and the morning paper at the elevator door

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