My Path

This is my path
Some places it is weedy and
The going is rough
and the way is hard to see
but that just means
my footsteps are my own
and the way through
is frought with lessons

This is my path
It is sandy in places
Where the ocean touches the shore
and the peace seeps in
Through the rocky waves
And the places that the water has touched
touches the places
my feet have traveled.

This is my path
Rocks and grass
Dirt and dreams
Every step
a step in the right direction
my path
is my path
and its way through
is the only way to go

This is my path
and if I’m lucky
It will touch
the paths of
amazing places
and interesting people
People who teach me
People who reach me
People who touch me
lessons I will treasure
for all of my days

Copyright April Wells

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