I’m Tired

I’m tired
So tired
Of having to care
About appearances
And propriety
And doing the needful
As any good daughter/sister/trophy/chic
I’m tired
I just want to sleep
“I know”
“I’m sorry”
— so lame
— I wish I could help
— empty words
— through distance
— feeling emptier still
“I love you”
“tie a knot and hang on”
— to him
— to me
–to the vestige of hope
I want to let go
“I know”
When can I let go
“when he’s there to catch you”
— sleep precious one
— happy dreams
— butterfly wings
Will he ever get tired of catching me
“no not ever”
“not ever ever ever”
— this I know
— even from here I see
People usually do
“not theses people
Not this time”
–in time
— I know
— you will see
“hugs… “

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