Challange Poem October 28, 2012

A Sea World Halloween

Alas and alack
Autumn, 2005
the day dawned dark and dreary
yet here I was
despondent and weary
chilly for the local
bright shiny faces peer
beseeching at me
Halloween down south
spent at an amusement park
no snowsuits here
mermaid and bikini models
toddlers to tweens
all join the adventure
A dolphin, a whale, three seals and a sail
a pair of sunglasses
tucked into my jacket
the adventure was fun
a new season begun
smiles on the faces
sticky in places
asleep as we journey
back home



Using the Writing Prompts app by

An amusement park
a dolphin
a pair of sunglasses
autumn 2005

My challenge (I’ve subscribed to the UK magazine  “Writing Magazine” and I was reading an article yesterday about how sometimes it is good to use random prompts that you don’t try to exercise any control over as a means to shake up your brain and your writing.  It sounded like a good idea at the time.  And after a night’s sleep, it seemed like an even better idea.  SO… I knew I had this app on my phone and my ipad, so I started the day off this way.  I think I’m going to take on the challenge full force…

for short stories, this was recommended in the article

I may start working on short stories again, too…

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