Wool Sweater

The world
In all it’s intricacies and complexities
Is a wool sweater.
Not my puke brown felted
–Thank you mom for that dyer on high
Too small but I wore it anyway
Brown sweater
Of my misspent childhood
It is a vast
And infinitely colorful
Wool sweater
Woven and crocheted
Knitted and sewn
And I
In my twisted and always wandering
Find the ends
Those knotted or frayed ends
Little holes of interesting stories
Where I can start to pick
And slowly unravel
The mysteries of the world
Not in any attempt to unravel the world
But rather
To discover
The stories and mysteries
Hidden in the weave
And in the unraveling
May I add a little beauty
To the tapestry
And learn to be better present

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