Crayola Box

Sometimes I wonder
what your crayon box
looks like
you seem to color your world
with hate
and anger
and misunderstanding
you’ve chosen only
to use
two or three of the colors
in the magical Crayola Box
your world
must be
a dark and scary
lonely place to be

As for me
I’ve chosen
to color my world
with peace
understanding and love

I don’t have to
like you as a person
respect you
or your contemptable hate
think you are right
believe your beliefs
or kiss you

What I do chose to do
is respect your right
to be you
to include you
in my circle of acceptance
and tolerate the differences you are

I chose to color my world
from the giant 128 color
Crayola box
to try to include
everyone in this beautiful wide world
within the beauty that I know there is

I hope some day
you can find your way
to try even one new color
before you find yourself alone
and colorless

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