No Lasting Effects?

Those who have never
Lived through the words
Don’t know that of which
They speak
Thirty years later
The words still echo
Their bites still sting
Lies and laughter
Echo down memory halls
Add insult to injury
It happened its over
Get over it
Go on
Why dwell
You’re stupid
Bullied now
About being bullied then?
Are you serious
Those who have never
Heard the words
Directed at them
Don’t know
Can’t feel
Refuse to see
The words
The taunting
The derisive laughter
Change you
Alter your world
Mark your heart
For life
Change the you
You could have been
But aren’t
Fight back
In a way
That shows the world
Bullies and all
Bruises fade
Echoes quiet
Survival and success
Are The very best revenge

2 thoughts on “No Lasting Effects?

    • Walking into the diner in your home town and being waited on by one of the bigger bullies and knowing they know isn’t a bad feeling either! šŸ™‚

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