Outlet shoes

High red heels
Cli k out a statement
And show the world
That scuffs and scrapes
Are the new in

Neon pink tennies
Scream I’m 12
Or 34 looking for
The attention

Gray 70s flip flops
Slap out the fact
Mothers and fashion
Aren’t a priority

Boat shoes, boat shoes and sexy boots
Stand and giggle
At everything
And nothing
And me

Gold flats
And pastel skinny jeans
Aimlessly wander
Looking for looks

Lavender lime green and gray
Brand new runners
Limp painfully across
The parking lot

Sleepy slippers
Crusted with dirt
Torn and threadbare
Shuffle slop
The trendy clothes
Far out of place

They are there
Here and there
Through the halls
And walks
Making a statement
Though they don’t realize
How I see
What stories
I can make

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