Beating Back The Unstoppable Force

The unstoppable force meets
The indomitable spirit
The ‘no I won’t take no’
The I don’t want help
Even when I need it
And the
I won’t stop as long as I have the determination to keep going
So here I sit
Poison bruises bright
On my stomach
For weeks
More poison dripping
I sit still
Very still
Don’t jiggle
The drip might stop
I sit
Fending off
The creeping encroachment
Of the inevitable damage
The IV needle my sword
To fight my dragons
To beat back
The aches and pains
The bumps
That aren’t really bumps
The shifting the angle of my joints
In the recliner
For these thirty minutes
Am invincible
A force to be reckoned with
Beat back
The encroaching inevitability
And I stand
I force my back to be straight
I ease the glass in my joints
And walk strong
The only pain obvious
In my eyes
And there no one sees
I will beat back
This creeping dragon
And I will ride him into the sun

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