Desperately Seeking

To whom it may concern
I am desperate
desperately seeking
The girl I used to be
The one who dreamed
The one who loves pineapple and ham
on Pizza
Who loves to sit
for a whole hour
by the lake
enjoying a cup of coffee
in the quiet
who longs to spend just ten minutes
all alone
the girl who writes
for the pure simple joy
of writing
who doesn’t give two shits
that it isn’t your kind of writing
it’s mine
It doesn’t have to rhyme
it has to touch
my soul
and if there is
anything good in my heart
it will touch
just one more
The girl
who loves to color
who sings
WAY off-key
because the song
can’t be contained
The girl
who watches people
and listens to music
sitting quietly
because that is what feels right
who can sit
on a river bank
or sit
on the beach
for more than fifteen minutes
without having to
I am desperately seeking

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