is painted
on my mom’s coffee cup
in pink
with flowers
is the splash
of puddles
cold in the melting snow
warm in the summer rain
that says I don’t care what you think
I’m never too old
for puddles
and giggles
and rainbows

is riding
with your head out the window
ears flapping in the wind
nose taking in
all the marvelous sniffs
In the dark of predawn
or at sunrise
or parked in the garage
becuase it’s all in the preception

is the first green
peeking through the ground
after a long and snowy winter
reminding me of my past
and my future
and that changes are only changes

is the bitterness
burried deep in the bottom
of the coffee cup
covered in brightly painted memories
shared with people you love

is the simple message
out of nowhere
saying I love you
I’m glad you found me
Thank you for
brightening my day

is the quiet place
I find
where my soul
can fly

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