The Knight in the Tin Foil Helmet

Into the silent darkness
atop his trusty steed
he rides
sword and crossbow
always at the ready
into the battles he sees
of slings and arrows
and the unfairness of things
just his trusty rusty steed to give him wings
his journey’s taken him
far afield
through the barrens
as well as the magic lands
where everyone dreams
and so many fear to tread
the stories he hears
join the ones in his mind
to create his wonderous worlds
the tales he hears
of armor that shines
warm in the mid day sun
the gleam and the glisten
of untested mettle
the attention and glory it brings
he sees them ride
atop handsomest mounts
the praise they seek
those of the armor that shines
not for him it seems
for through the darkness
atop his mount
through the battles he’s fought
pain and loneliness he’s come
the scars that he wears
has made him this man
this gentle and strongest of men
and when at night
he lays down his head
to sleep the rest of the weary
he takes off his helmet
his tinfoil helmet
and by his side gently keeps
for this is the helmet
dented tinfoil helmet
is really all that he needs
he rests his head
his helmetless head
at the end of his well fought day
in the arms of his love
that gentle his mind
and into slumber he falls
for he is the knight
in the tinfoil helmet
his armor is dented and worn
but the battles he’s seen
and the trials he’s known
make the man that you see here now
and the love that he knows
in his tinfoil helmet
the love that carries him through
the simple love for this gentle man
and the tinfoil helmet he wears
the most precious treasure of a man

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