The Voices In My Head

Step straight up
and straight down
your feet won’t get wet from the dew
And it doesn’t work
but that’s okay because sometimes
the cold wet is welcome
and sometimes
decades later
you find yourself
Stepping straight up
and straight down
and it still doesn’t work
your feet still get wet
your heart catches
and you are there

The oven can wait on the cake
the cake can never wait

Don’t let the pans touch
in the oven
where they touch will burn
I wonder…
will it?

a peck of dirt
tomato poison

Don’t waste time
Isn’t she cute thinking she doing
anything that matters

Take the right classes
make the right choices
learn a trade in case
your husband leaves you
college prep
teach this, teach that, to this, no wait
follow my dreams
no mine
when do I get to follow my own

The voices
that haunt
the silence
they speak
the loudest
their message
the echos
that remain

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