IMG_0822Do you remember
the songs of yesterday
running through your head
your heart
as lightly
your feet skimmed the earth

streams beside the pup-tent
sang through the night
chilling the milk
in the jug tied fast to the rocks
for breakfast
and the taste of that milk in the morning

hours spend raking, hiss of drying leaves
piles and piles
of red and gold and orange and brown
whose only purpose was
not the cleanest yard in town
but the run down the bank
and the leap into the center

canter thump of horse feet
as around and around the pasture
again and again and again
freedom of bareback
smelling of hay and sweat
yours, the horse’s
laughter as the day let go

spinning in the starlight
crickets and fireflies
darkness and light
spinning and spinning
until, dizzy
you fell
to the dew wet ground
staring at the starlight
the moon your dance’s spotlight

Remember the music
remember the song
remember the feeling
return to that place
where the song
was all yours

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