Unconscious Mutterings Week 665

I used to do this free association a long time ago. I subscribed to getting an email every week with the week’s words. I actually took the time this morning to read through some of the emails that didn’t HAVE to be dealt with… time to sort… and I found this week’s words… and… it’s time to do this again…
Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. your point ::is what exactly?  I know you have one, what exactly IS your point???
  2. scarf :: Ecuador
  3. termite ::Boogie used to call them turdmites
  4. willing :: to go the whole nine yards, to do what it takes, to stop and smell the flowers if that is what I need to do
  5. silk ::China, Vietnam
  6. center ::morning… my time to center myself.  Life is always so much better if I can take this time to center myself and greet my day the way I need to
  7. flash ::fiction
  8. warehouse ::warehouse district, where I park, where I see Tower City, where I watch the boats, the sea gulls, the murky water of the Cuyahoga flow by
  9. costume ::contest
  10. candy corn? ::who knew you could pile up pieces of candy corn in circles and it would actually look like an ear of corn?  Now I have to go buy a bag of candy corn and make my own pile

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