Up Home

I remember when January 1 meant a foot of snow
I remember fat fingers had many troubles dialing a phone
I remember green apples with salt and beer
and the shade of huge trees in the front yard
I remember that alligators lived cistern in Pennsylvania
don’t use the roof as a slide for they will eat you
I remember the magic freezer that would only open
once an hour
and I remember not knowing why
I remember the huge pile of bottles
deep in the basement
a dime a piece returned to Krogers
a treasure
a fortune to seven
I remember the sinkholes being further away from the house
and the interstate being days walk away
now but 200 yards
I remember wood smoke and clinkers
chickens and pigs
and the taste of red and black raspberries dripping from my chin
I remember poppies dancing
with the 2 liter bottles turned into whirly gigs
you know they scare the moles away
I remember


Author April Wells
Published January 1, 2016

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