On Being Sentenced

The prompt, they said
was to take all of the literary devices
I might know
(and just ask those to whom I am a grammar Nazi
I know many)
and use them
as together as I can
to make a poem
that is a sentence;
the goal:
to make the longest sentence
that actually might
in some realm of the galaxy
make some kind of sense,
and so here it is
(although, in this reality
I indeed do not know
how much sense
this sentence makes;
but if in the realm of your reality
it does
then it works
and the goal
was met
because that, in all actuality
is what goals are for);
and I check and double check
to make sure that
my parenthesis’
match up and complete
and here I am now
at the end.

Author: April Wells
Published: January 30, 2016

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