I am Woman

I can’t
no, you don’t understand
there are only so many hours in a…
whatever fine just give it to me

no, I need to
no, I’m starving
can’t it wait five minutes until…
no…. oh fine come on let’s go and get this done

I will in a little while
right now I just need to sit down for a minute
and catch my….
FINE… come on we can do that, go there, clean that, finish this

you need it done by when?
your requirements have changed
and the information I have is wrong, inadequate or conveyed to me
in such a manner as to be completely and totally lacking in usable facts
FINE, no, I don’t need to sleep
no I don’t need to rest
my cold is really just a tiny tickle
no, please really
just give it to me and I will make everything
magically delicious

Author: April Wells
Published: February 9, 2016


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