In Visibility

I took the words
the stones flung
from misunderstanding
and perhaps well meaning
for years I took those stones
and carefully fashioned my walls
I built them
strong and high and tight
and in the building
I remembered
every stone
and every hit I took from them
I built the walls
I hid in the tower
in the very bottom basement of the tower
far away
from light and life
I hid and I cowered
And eeked out my days

and then…
with age and understanding
in myself
after all of this time
that you’re not the boss of me
that your misunderstanding is yours
not mine
I don’t have to embrace it
I don’t have to care
I don’t have to listen
lord knows I’ve been there
and now
in my understanding
I’m breaking through my walls
I’m using the stones
to build my windows
that look out over
all that is
within and without
magic windows
of love and light
I gently dismantle my walls
and use the stones
to put terraces in my tower
and standing
in the fading light of dawn
no longer invisible
no, in visibility
I shine


April Wells

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