Facing the Morning Star

brain fogged
mixing methotrexate with the good cough syrup
interesting mix
not going to be a productive day
I sit
staring at the coffee
watching the coffee
I have somewhere to be
always a challenge
going to be interesting today
want to sleep
need to sleep
why can’t I sleep
oh yeah
places to go
people to see
work, endless work
always to be done
morning deer
watching you, there
in the puddle of light
you in the glow of the streetlight
me in the sickly monitor haze
watching each other across the way
morning creeps slowly by
another day
another donut
another burning the candle
at both ends
maybe the middle too if I can get it lit

gentle doe
your morning commute
nothing but
facing the morning star
home to sleep
in comfort deep
in the quiet of the thicket.


April Wells

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