Yea, Okay, Whatever

you never saw
never understood
first to chide
point fingers, blame
and for years
the belief in your knowledge
wise and old you’ve always been
was so strong
so deep
must be true
must learn to be
wise as you
to be able to see
and cringingly
tried in vain to learn

but no

age and experience
have changed
the brain is a marvelous thing
when it has the chance to learn
it does
and now it is easy to see
that age did not make you wise
any more than youth
and inexperience
made me wrong
only wrong in listening
allowing your opinion
opinion, nothing more
to prevent me
from making use
of all of the glorious time
I wasted on
your misunderstanding

It’s good
it’s fine
and you’re so vain
you probably don’t know
this song is about you
Now, I’m going to go shine.


April Wells

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