Morning Music



All around you

Creeping out of the silence

The beauty

The music

That only comes to th 5am

Traffic and train

Hum to the cadance

Of cricket and cicada

The affected rhythm beat of someone’s AC

Not even the birds break in

Too dark, their son too sweet

For 5 am

Smell the rich damp earth

Rich with rot and dog shit and marigolds

Beneath feet cold and wet from the dew

Watch the dancers on the (street) floor.

Small hooves prance

See them dance

Slow and subtle

In the moonlight

In darkness and ease

To the rhythm of the song

There is a beauty in the darkness

Starlit canvas

Above and beyond

Pinprick witness to the baller

Nobody. ever. sees

Nobody but me?

How can tgat be

Cars pass with eyes that dont see

In the damp and the darkness

This music

Is mine

Author: ajw
published: 8/26/16

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