Little Mary Sunshine

Slide through the darkness

Mary Sunshine

The cloak of darkness

Always your cape

Shake off the dust

The leaves of reality

The dust of a thousand 

Dreamless schemes

In silence suffer



Draw on the crooked smile and step into the starlight

Doing the needful

In the ways of her people

Taken for granted

Taken for invinsible

Invisibly standing

For nothing

The voices

Oh the voices

In her head

In her heart

In her hands

The voices in the darkness

Hear how they scream 

The dreams of a fool

Draw on the smile

War paint hides the circles 

the pain

The right convincing mirthless grin

Take your stage

Mary Sunshine

In the brilliance of the starlight

Dance the dance 

Of the marionette 

All the world

Your stage

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