Morning Commute [Haibun 3.31.2017]

Riverview parking lot was awash in shimmering puddles in gray nearly dawn as we climbed from my truck and lit out to start the day. The lights on Cuyahoga danced in raindrops, danced in river’s flow, danced in the streaks in climbing morning.

March ran up my arms and dripped down my neck as the cold rain washed all the warmth that clung from the truck’s heater away. Long day ahead sat dautning in my brain.

Fog eased up from pavement, puddles and river and hid buidlings as it went.

call mornfully geese
as gulls cry gleefully, “Lunch”
dodge raindrops as we run

And morning creeped slowly.

April Wells
NaPoWriMo eve

Haibun is a combination of prose poem and haiku. It was originally developed as a sort of travelogue or character sketch , in which the writer would first describe a place in prose, and then pen a haiku appropriate to the place or scene

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