I cared

I cared for you
when you were small
when you were weak
no worries at all

I cared for you
your every need
I planted in you
your mustard seed

I cared for you
your cares your ills
I went without
your needs fulfilled

I cared for you
those sleepless nights
when you were out
I feared your plight

I cared for you
every day in
every second in every way

I cared for you
and now I find
myself alone
I’m left behind

I cared for you
care for you still
please hold my hand
my needs fulfill

I cared for you
now I’m the weak
it’s your strong caring
that now I seek

I cared for you
the light grows faint
Give me your strength
become my saint

I cared for you
remember well
when your strength goes
where your needs dwell

I cared for you
our time is small
priorities great
Please heed my call


April Wells

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