The Facebook Godesses

pompous self-righteous asses
we are here to help
we are here to support you
as long as you
do as I say
only as I say
nothing but what I say
and chuck fou yarley any other way

reach out for help
as honest questions
stupid insipid cow
just do as I say
just do as I say
don’t think
don’t care
don’t even blink
unless the gods of the group tell you to

bow down to my perfection
see my glory light shine
super nova “I”
deserve your likes
your hearts
your wow’s
and if you have the balls to ask
then woe be you
for I
the god(dess) of the group
shall pass judgement on thee
and you
worthless number in my godessness
shall cower in shame.


NaPoWriMo day 8


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