My Knuckle Bump HandSnippets heard
and overheard
as the world turns round and round
yes, arthritis in my ankles
my tendinitis screams at me
these aches and pains
are killing me
it must be getting old
thank God it’s not RA

Jean was told she would need
her hip replaced in may
Bob just heard
the scary word
the bump he found was tumor benign
surgery went fine,
we have dinner at nine
Ethel heard that Gladys know
a friend of a friend has gout
so many people
so much is wrong
but at least it’s not RA

The things you hear
from those far and near
words plaintive with fear
as the path you walk, dear,
you walk with the knowing
As they whisper and fuss
you do what you must
to deal with your RA

Fallen Stars


Where do the stars lie
When, tired they
Fall from the sky
Do they shatter
On contact and
Does it matter
I wonder if their pain
Like mine
Washes down the drain
Into the slime
the wet and dirty mud
Forgotten by time


From the hearts of the innocent
The minds of the babes
And the talent that lies
in the souls of the young
come the thought rocks
that pave
the way to tomorrow
that line the days
and fill the dreams
Why can’t we make them come true

I’m Fine

I blithely lie
Not just I’m Fine
but I’m Wonderful
convincing who?
not likely though
too much of a sarcastic tone
less likely still
I know
just how not quite
wonderful that I am
but maybe
The powers that
today’s destiny?
maybe they will hear
and bring
my sarcasm to reality

Toss Me A Bone

I wait
And Hope
In vain I know
For the simple
of existence
You send to me
the wonderfulness of you
YOU are great
YOU succeed
YOU matter
YOU want me to do this or that
I get the form letter
the spam forward
the plea to help with your goal
I wait
in vain I know
For just one small bone
dropped from your overflowing plate
to tease me again
into thinking
I’m even worth
your consideration

Thankful For Technology

Ustream for
Thanksgiving here and there
Laughs and smiles
and even tears

Facebook for
reconnected family
bringing loved ones close
new friends
being able to be there

Apple for
lightweight iPad
talking to my phone
backing up to the cloud
easing much pain

Epub and Mobi
for freeing me
to bring my words
to people who won’t ever read
but who have the chance
to feel my memories

Garbage Day

Brown cans full of garbage
green ones full of recycle
white bags
black bags
an ironing board
computer desk
shipping pallet (really? hmmm…)
and someone…
someone is throwing away
a perfectly good
fire hydrant
go figure

On not Writing

Words fight
Endless battles
in brain and heart
to be set free

When hand can’t
find pen
can’t find

The words fill up
all available space
and elbow
headaches and moods
utnil they find a way
to vomit their way out

Between The Lines

I walk the spaces
between the lines
where meaning
and understanding
Blur and smudge
the ink on the page

I dance the spaces
between the words
where one word ends
before the next takes wing
Where only the dream
of forever is seen

I hide in the spaces
with the winged beasts
and purple and green striped lamas
who live just beyond
the sight of reality
hidden in plain sight