To Wax Poetic

Chocolate Chips and Milking Cow Trees
The things of poems and dreams
to write
to curse
to wax poetic
answering the siren song

Poetic words  dance
stanzas sing, meter fiddles
poem breathes alive
and in the writing, poet
looses the dreamer tanka

They come unbidden
the words that cannot be stilled
vomited to haiku

Who’s words these are
I think you know
the form is in the singing though
I wonder will you wander near
as from the source I chose to go

And here
on gilded page
the words
that smash aimlessly
around and around in my brain
come to rest
and in the resting
take on their own lives?

I wonder…


Author April Wells
Published 1/8/2016
Form:  Ars Poetica??? maybe