What’s the Risk

We travel this path
here, I sit exposed
for what I am
for knowing that
of what you
or anyone thinks
here is where I am
and this is all I will ever be
and that
is perfectly okay
at the edge of my brain
gnawing at all that is unseen
it chews into what is obvious
and lets through
of what is behind
what might be
but of what really is

is what I take
every time I put
myself on the line
soul visible to naked eye
fear is what lives inside
every time
I let you see
that which is
the reality me.



The prompt

The Bridge

It stands
the bridge that must be crossed
in silence and quiet beauty
it stands there
the bridge
between yesterday
and tomorrow
stand right here
at the edge of the river, the edge of the bridge
longing to dare to cross
dream the dreams
that are never to be
because always courage fails
forever other things come first
remember those dreams
hold fast
those dreams that require the ability
to work with due diligence
on that which is not for others
selfishly taking the time
to listen
to the siren song
that calls to the heart
Standing here
silent tears
adding to the
already overflowing river
that passes by
speeding off into eternity
all that there is
is regret

On Being April

Clandestine Writing







What’s in a name
that which we call a rose
Might only be
a dandelion in disguise
Ape Face
Opening buds of spring
April Fools
Bunnies and Springtime
Why are you a month
Were you born in April
<Yes I was born in April
The selfsame day
Shakespeare’s Birthday>
how dumb
Was your mother’s name February
<no, Ironically, June
but June after June Allison
the Actress
Not, you know, November>
what a stupid name

And sometimes teachers
can be
intentionally or not
undeniably cruel
in retrospect
Sometimes I wonder
if my bestie
who tagged me
with Ape
even liked me or not

For years it stung
kids, particularly, can be cruel
added epithets
for years
I lived for nothing
but the day
when I could change it

And I grew
to understand
and to understand
to rise to the challenge
April is
a treasure
starting anew
fresh cut grass
fresh perspective
fresh and cheeky

I step into my name
April Joy
I slide my arms
into short pink sleeves
of my name
of who I am
of who I have become
and take off
at a run
into my day
my life
my reality

Join me if you wish
Rose or dandelion
dandelion I chose
for you can find me
in the darndest
of places



********************** From the Prompt **********************************

posted 2.17.15
This week, write a poem about your name. When you were born, you were given a name before beginning to develop a sense of self. Have you grown into your name, or have you always resisted it? Knowing who you are today, where you’ve come from, and where you see yourself going, would you choose a different name for yourself?

In the past… 

Awake and yet
in truth am I
I wonder
I find myself
the footsteps walked before
here am I
the venue
the same yet changed
or in the change
me or here
and here I walk
footsteps out of time
teardrops laughter
anger and pain
here I walk
once again
and in the walking
asleep and awake
nowhere to flee.





<<< written in response to a prompt in The Writerspark

Exercise #4055

Waking in the Past


Your character awakens at some time in the near or distant past.


Compose a piece that does not exceed 1,000 words that reveal setting and the character’s reactions.>>>

Coffee Time

Shhh… Here she comes.
Early this morning
Wonder why she’s up
Man she looks
Like she slept rough
Good thing there is
Coffee from yesterday

So many cups
hope she picks me
I miss it when
She just grabs whoever
I miss
Being her bestest friend

Oh yay
She picked me
And it is a black coffee day
Cold and strong
A wake up and get going day
A pumpkin flavored day

It’s early and she slept badly
I hope everything is okay
She sips slowly at my rim
The coffee bringing her peace

Time to start the day.


(Prompt… Exercise #14, Your first 1,000 days in Wirterspark…
Write a 125 words or fewer poem or piece of fiction from the point of view of some inanimate object relating its observations of you)