Hello Darkness

Shining in the darkness
Beneath the moonless sky
The perfect shadow glistens
Peaceful silent sigh
With nothing to still the quaking
Dancing in the gloom
Transient beauty shudders
and yet the softness clings
seek not to still the voices
for always darkness sings


April Wells
September 30, 2016

Times remembered

Butterscotch kisses

Sticky and sweet

Never hurriedly wiped away

Dirty fingers

Smudge faces

Never heard you look like you’ve been

Sucking a pig

Sweaty hugs and

Puke down brand new shoes

Never heard 

The words

That cloy and sting

Dirty walls 

Long forgotten

Little Tykes passed on and on and on

And never the words


Or can’t 

Never screached the defamed

Dandelion bouquets clutched in

Butterscotch kisses

And ice cream fists 

Of love


Nothing is always


Always nothing is

And I in tge silence 

Listen to the song

And dream of the dance


Left behind

The song

The words

Stuck in the tarry warmth

Of the silence

Always never

Never always

Never in the silence sing

Morning unbroken

I pray and I prayBut what do I say

The silence unbroken

The words left unspoken

Can’t see the there

Stuck fast in the air

The meaning unsaid

Like rocks or like lead

Heavy and dull

The weak ones to cull

I pray and I pray


No words left to say

Little Scars

The cuts that hurt the worst
leave little scars
tiny scars
unseen scars
the cuts that can never
be seen
the cuts in your soul
a look
a sneer
those cuts never fully
scar over
they ooze black venom
it eats away
at the edges of the night
and putrefies
the surrounding hope
those scars
are only
ever seen
in the eyes
and in the looking
who really cares anyway

April Wells
May 10 2016

The Lost

Through the dance
of fear
and indecision
of loneliness
and pain
there you find
what’s lost
and gained
I pray the peace
so desperately sought
finds purchase
in the chinks in your walls

April Wells
May 5, 2016



April leaves
On a clear blue morning
And the sun and moon
Sharing the sky
A hint of frost
Dances in her hair
And the hopes of
A bright tomorrow
In th gold of her gaze

April Wells
April 30, 2016