Friday’s commute is slow
the weekend beckons
with the knowledge
of work to be done
and peaceful sits
on the porch
Friday’s birds sing louder
and though the moon hides
her shining face
behind heavy clouds
the songs echo in the overcast
Friday’s coffee
is a little richer
a little less bitter
even black
and in the quiet
it is a little more enjoyed
despite the day ahead

April Wells


Tuesday creeps slowly
it walks with company
and spends it’s time
dancing through the hours
meetings kiss meetings
as they pass in the halls
and heavy is the weight
of the world
in a little black box
Tuesday looks at the watch
and times the commute
meeting room to meeting room
and judges the chance
to stop to pee
a distant memory to Tuesday’s race
and tea
an equally distant longing

April Wells
April 19, 2016


Monday cries with the dawn
back to the day to day
back to the grind
Monday rises early
and eats late
and struggles with the reality
of thinking and understanding
Monday rides the bus
and walks the walk
and carries the weight
of the rest of the week
low and slow
on the back
of the weekend behind


April Wells
April 18, 2016

Sunday Morning


Sunday morning is warm
It’s a quiet place
To stretch in the sun
Singing the song
Of geese and robins and bluejays
And nail guns and lawn mowers
It is my coffee
In my cup
On my chair
On my porch
Where nothing but the morning matters

April Wells


Loneliness stands
In the corner of the shed
Coat caked in mud
Head down
Forlorn and lost
Marking time
Living up
To his name
He saw them through
Their awkward years
When they felt abandoned
And here now he stands
Seeing out his days
Living up to the name
From so long ago

April Wells


Ease into the day

Smell the sunrise on the breeze 

Taste the aroma 

Of the coffee

As it brews

Count the moments

Not in seconds and minutes

But by the breaths that ease away 

The night
April Wells


Everything that glitters

Everything that glitters

fill the Las Vegas night

Not gold

But glitz


Light and sound

Dings and beeps

Bells, whistles and music.

Watch the people

Get lost


The spinning dancing world

Everything that glitters

But  does it truly shine

Haunt the Vegas night
April Wells

April 11 2016