RA Flare

Oh the full moon
this morning with the clouds
has a beautiful face

Where is the prednisone
why in the hell
did they put a childproof lid
on my freaking prednisone

Oh the coffee
smells heavenly
the creamy goodness is incredible

well hell
Broke another mug
shit I should have known it was too heavy
I guess it’s a plastic cup
kind of day

Oh thank you Kitty love
I love the way
your purrs make me smile

No don’t
not there
oh please
no no no
Sorry I scared you…
Didn’t mean to scream

Oh the peace of the morning
Sitting in the peaceful fog
windchimes sing

What, the oxy has childproof too
and even the dog’s tramadol
Someone get this knife
out of my shoulder
or get me a hammer
too much to do
got to get through

Attitude determines altitude
I can do this
I have to do this
I have to do this
I won’t puke
Find the center breathe
I think I can
I think I can


Spring Dawn

One cup of coffee
never enough
but just enough
to greet the day

Gently nurse the morning
as full moon sinks
slowly below
the edge of trees

Here I sit
in the silence
incredibly loud
seeping in to empty my brain

Coffee and silence
fills all of the spaces
and seeps in
to ease the soul

Morning chill
warms all it touches
as spring dawn
greets the day

Reflections on the Twins

They dance
They prance
they climb, panties high, on the buffet
they throw their shoes
and hairbrush
and insults
at the waiter
they preach
they screech
manners in a modern world
parents look on
not a word
not a look
engrossed in
their own display
of dismissal
snap your fingers,
like being treated
less than human
I’m sure
it will get you
waited on
and laughed at later
flies and honey?
you attract more flies
with the swat
of the Wallstreet Journal
than by any
passing show of respect

In Perfection


In perfection
in the flawless
the flaw
I sit back into the lap
of the stone
that cradles us all
and touch the sound
of the wind
walk with me
my unmet friend
not my walk
that would be wrong
together apart
but let our paths
gently touch
smell the ideas
that grow in the between
as the beauty that
we can be
in the smelling
of the shared peace



I watched him ride
That mother’s son
in the quiet city
the not quite streets of dawn
Up and down
and back and forth
he rode
side to side
I watched him
that mother’s son
on his bike
in the not quite dawn
check the discarded Marlboro pack
Discarded? maybe, just maybe
there would be one left?
dropped not tossed
on again
I watched him
and I silently wished
I could reach out
and help
in his aloneness
he shut out
and everything
but the silent ride
on the lonely bike
nothing to protect him
from the
of the city
that mother’s son
I wanted to offer him
not smokes
I don’t
but a dollar
all the cash on hand
to maybe help
just a little
to the mother’s son
in the shadows
of the not dawn city
in the shade
of the unreal
real world
a step beyond
and alone
this mother’s son.