Purple smells like lilacs

and lavender

and grapes

it is the color of the sky

on a warm summer night

lit by the first sprinkling of stars

It tastes like plums

warm off the tree

with the scabs and marks of life

kissing the skin

Purple is the color

of love

of my children

held close to my heart

<< AllPoetry prompt for contest was no more than 15 lines on your favorite color>>

Silent Hugs

I thought of you today
Did you feel
The brush
Of my thoughts
On your heart
I closed my eyes
And said a little prayer
— who am I kidding
— I prayed with my whole heart
Though words are stuck
And thoughts fill with pain
I send
Silent support
And continue
To hug with my heart

Conversation With My Dragon

Shh, be very quiet
put on this tinfoil hat
I’ll wear mine
then we can talk
Can you hear me
how about now
let me turn my head
and lift my left foot
Yeah, me too.
I know,
no one understands
watch out for that limb
the one on the left
yeah on the golden eechum tree
the gung gungs are watching
don’t let them see you
hide behind that chumino over there
they are gone
okay, Steve
come on, lets go
and weave our way
through the unicorns
and the lamagoats
I’ll race you
to the pool
of everlasting dreams


<< AllPoetry prompt was Insanity>>

Where I Walk

I walk the halls

haunted by

the echoing footfalls

of many famous men

I walk the halls

head held high

where few women before

ever dared

to venture

I walk the halls

come walk with me

talk with me

share with me the adventure

I walk the halls

these sacred halls

walk here with pride

not fear

I walk the halls

and no man yet

has chased me from my wandering

the sound of their wisdom echo as

I walk the halls

and think the thoughts

that women before me

could only dream


<< the contest prompt in AllPoetry was feminism>>


Directly from your heart
I hear
the voice
and hate
I send to you
Through my heart
That which connects me to you
my thoughts
gentle love and peace
close your eyes
feel my heart
talking to yours
that I am here
my hand not quite in yours
yet holding us
forever close

Fear for a First Love

I see the love you have my dear
in the eyes with which you see
Devotion and understanding there
but are you missing that which is me


Passion and devotion hand in hand
For you my darling is free
But do you understand the love
trapped in my heart for thee


The stars in the sky
shine down from above
and light the passion
fire of our love

I pray that which I feel for you
deep within my heart
is strong enough my darling dear
to see we never part
I fear, my love
some day you’ll see
the lack I know within
and you will set me free
<<< Response poem in an AllPoetry contest.  Poem was in response to this poem.  I don’t usually try to do a rhyme sequence, but it didn’t turn out as badly as I was worried it would>>

So Sorry

Here we sit




getting angry

where IS that waitress

no drinks

no menu

WHAT is this world

coming to

silverware maybe

if you please

oh wait



sorry dear

honest mistake

I was on the menu

<<< for AllPoetry contest.  prompt was I was on the menu.  It struck me funny this morning>>>

Prayer Box

Small and silver
warm and heavy
hangs around my neck
love hidden within
Reminds me to of what matters
reminds me a hundred times a day
reach up
send prayers
encompassing prayers
loving prayers
I send them
a hundred times a day
know they are there
you are in my heart
my mind
my prayers
and with my prayers
I send
my love to you
in hopes that even
silent and unseen
it will wrap
in warm and gentle hugs.

The Taste of Hate

Hate is bitter
and cold
tastes like bile
cherry chocolate chip ice cream
and raw pasta
crunched between
spitting lies
chewing sweet grass
the poison
the apple
seeps within
withering everything it touches
is beautiful
and artificial and
as biting cold
International Falls in January
The emptiness of the soul
pushes everything away
and destroys
everything in its path
Fight the urge
to dwell
in the darkest
and loneliest of places
reach out
to yourself
and find

Your Voice

Once upon a midnight dreary
… no no no
Between the dark and the daylight…
… no no no
Do not go gentle…
… no no no

Beside the footsteps
of the famous
of the wise
of the great
We walk
I struggle to find
my courage
my confidence
my voice
one great song
Here I sit, alone in the darkness
words dancing
words fencing
words making walls… and breaking walls
in my brain
Hear my song
listen to the quiet
listen to the dance
listen to the wisdom
that comes from the ages, not from me.