Wednesday Fog

Drive away the silence
Lost in the gloom
No breeze to blow away the fog
It settles
Twists it’s tendrils round
Brain and imagination
Crack wide the world open
Hear the birds sing
Shrilly cutting through the breaking dawn
Ice cold calls grating on the chalkboard of the mind
Long for the wind to come
To clear out the grime, the scum, the milk glass
And let in the warm cashmere of
Clear thinking days

Captain Chemo

Through the thick and swirling mist
Of orange and fetid fog
I ride with captain chemo
On the bony loud confusing backs
Of the RA ponies who destroy
The mice who eat away
At my attention and my brain
And leave pellets of fear
Loss and uncertainty
Behind for their effort
We ride alone together
The gray and green
Spector of life saving destruction
And I