I send you flowers

I walk my silence
Beneath the shadows
of omnipresent clouds
and through it all
I send you flowers

I lose my way
by close of day
and fall into exhaustion
do you see though every day
I try to send you flowers

A single word
a thought, a prayer
a silent hug
no matter the hour
I send you flowers

Do you see them
Do you know
Do you even understand
or care
still, I send you flowers

Little Gifts

I do
seems small
to me
a smile
kind word
shared picture

But on the other end
of what I think of as small
makes all the difference
when someone needs nothing more
than something to make a difference

it isn’t
the size
or self perceived
of the deed

It is the deed that is done
the lighter heart
the knowing that someone
somewhere out there
even in the great nothiningness of the computer world
who cares
enough to take even a few seconds
to let them know they matter