Watching Them Grow

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With awe and wonder
I watch them grow
such a short time ago
stumbling… falling… getting up again
bumps and bruises and skinned up knees
young and innocent and happy
and they grew
dirty sweaty children
they became
as children often do
running and giggling
stumbling… falling… getting up again
broken bones and stitches
tears clean off the dirt
and they grew
the teenagers they became
little rebellion
but anger and frustration
at the injustice of it all
stumbling… falling… getting up again
the tears the fears and the pain
theirs… mine…
the unforgetable years
carved forever in my heart
and they grew
I watch them now
covertly from a distance
wanting to protect them
catch them when they fall
and yet in the fall is the learning
stumbling… falling… getting up again…
and I can’t
but with pride
and with wonder
I watch
the beauty of the unfolding adults
they are becoming
… and they grow…

Conversation With My Dragon

Shh, be very quiet
put on this tinfoil hat
I’ll wear mine
then we can talk
Can you hear me
how about now
let me turn my head
and lift my left foot
Yeah, me too.
I know,
no one understands
watch out for that limb
the one on the left
yeah on the golden eechum tree
the gung gungs are watching
don’t let them see you
hide behind that chumino over there
they are gone
okay, Steve
come on, lets go
and weave our way
through the unicorns
and the lamagoats
I’ll race you
to the pool
of everlasting dreams


<< AllPoetry prompt was Insanity>>

He Told Me He Loves Me

Six little words
backlit in green
on my phone
fill my heart
with a smile so warm
the words could have been said to me

He told me he loves me
what more can I ask
as a mother
for my young
than to know the words

He told me he loves me

I don’t understand
how a parent can care
that the he who said it
said it to my son
to know that he is loved
despite it all
To know that a heart
reaches our to his heart
and told the softness in his soul

he told me he loved me