The Dance

through this farce
that passes for life
through giggles and tears
successes and fears
In the silence and the storms
with the sunshine and the snowfall
when the pain bites into the soul
and when joy fills your heart to over flowing
around the fires in the darkness
in the surf and sand and sea
for in the dancing and fearless laughter
hides the reality


DSC01531Once upon a lifetime dreary
I walked the earth succinct and weary
Over a many days, life became a bore
and then
Finally, again
I heard the song
And I began again to dance

I remembered slowly at first
tentative steps
between silence and starlight
tentative became lively
and lively became life

And here we find ourselves
shiny tin hat
tiny orange wings
bare feet in the snow
rainbow of colors
clinging to every conceivable
place in my world
and I dance

hear your own tuba
who needs to march to a drum
Thrill to whatever music
your heart can hear
the past is behind you
the beauty within you
dance to your magic
live for your dreams


Simply strip off
your cares
all that weighs you down
slop off
the coverings
that separate
and play
in the dancing waters
the forbidden
happy dancing waters
of the fountain
that beckons you


Dance butterfly dance
In the warmth of the sun
In the beauty
Only we on the outside
Care enough to see
Dance your elegant
We watch your dance
In wonder
The silent joy
Unaware of our love
You bring wonder
To our lives
You touch us
With the gentle
Brush if your wings
And we are left
By your touch