What I give you

Roots and wings
concrete and cabbages
Suitcases and sunbeams
paupers and kings

I give you
all your dreams
the shoulder to lean on
a way to dry your tears

Stretch your wings
precious butterfly
as you break into the light of day
Grow strong and know
you can safely rest with me

Let me watch
as you grow and escape
gravity and darkness
soar past the atmosphere
and dance among the stars

One Little Spark

In the deepest coldest stillest
dark of the night
One little spark
match, candle, 10 watt bulb
shines brighter
Than the brightest
streetlights, neon light, headlights
in the warmth of
the noonday sun
Just so is
the way one little spark
the glow of a silent dream
of hope
nurtured and coveted and held tightly
eventually growing
feeding the flame
until it lights
the whole of the heart
treasure your dreams
nurture your flame
no matter how tiny
Help it grow

Pirate Booty

I went down to the sea side
to hunt
for peace and treasure
the tide was low
my mood was lower
the water’s distant roar
and hundreds beat me there

all sea glass gone
no baubles found
nothing left
for my pirate heart

I took to talking
fellow seekers
of treasure
and dreams

In a blink I find
my pirate heart
aboard a ship at sail
spending time
spirits free
unteathered from care and woe

captain Gale strong young pirate lass
no one’s taking her booty
or boody
or taking her for granted
we shared an adventure
we shared a drink
we shared a laugh and quiet companionship

we sailed out to the end of the earth
in the blink of an eye
the beat of a heart
barely time
for pirate cowboy coffee

we sailed back to the beach with the tide
waves breaking over
the ship
the crew
the visitors passing through
huge and exciting
yet washing away nothing
but bringing newly sought out dreams

back to the beach
captain Gale
ny new friend
let me pick from her stash of booty
her oath
a friend is a friend
for life and past
a treasure for a treasure is just

from rings and charms and shiny things
a treasure chest to choose
and me, one thing thing
that called to me
a tattered
copper tipped
chipped and weathered
fountain pen
to capture the words
and dreams
I treasure