Stare into the fire’s glow
What do you see
what do you know
Watch the dance
see the solidness of reality
melt away
beneath the all consuming
onslaught of irrelevant meaning
The race is on
who will burn out long before
the end that is the end
understanding dawns
with the coming dawn
the dream is the solid
passion the flame
the work
that which is near and dear
to feed the fire
until the dream consumes the soul


DSC01531Once upon a lifetime dreary
I walked the earth succinct and weary
Over a many days, life became a bore
and then
Finally, again
I heard the song
And I began again to dance

I remembered slowly at first
tentative steps
between silence and starlight
tentative became lively
and lively became life

And here we find ourselves
shiny tin hat
tiny orange wings
bare feet in the snow
rainbow of colors
clinging to every conceivable
place in my world
and I dance

hear your own tuba
who needs to march to a drum
Thrill to whatever music
your heart can hear
the past is behind you
the beauty within you
dance to your magic
live for your dreams


Petals fall

like teardrops
of the lost
the silence
of the never ending
with them falls
like the dreams
of the parent
so the petals of the child
on the surface
shed your tears
color the ground
with your dreams
for even in broken


her whole world
washed out and gray
lacking all luster
to make it through the day
nothing she did
helped her heart shine
she wore no smile
I tried to give her mine
superficial beauty
kissed every feature
her heart was frightened
a lonely creature
yet in the quiet darkness
beneath the shine of the stars
she came to understand
her dreams matter as much as ours


are you out there
I think
I know you are
I can see the little tufts
of steam
your breath makes
on my dreams
The thoughts are heavy
in the not quite dawn
they weigh
on your mind
and your soul
they tickle your brain
and scratch
little holes
in your waking
demanding to be let out
to play
if you are out there
and I know you’re out there
why don’t you come closer
come in
or I’ll come out
enjoy the coffee and play
in the piles
of memories and dreams


Hot tears of resentment
mix with choking disappointment
they burn with a cold
that freezes the heart
and stifles the scream
choke off
life’s breath
still caught in the throat
and rots the soul
the silent scream
of dying dreams
mix with the drying sobs
of guilt

Lost words

Forever gone
Chewed and swallowed
Scattered and piled
In the dark corners
Of the scary closet
With quarter inch albums
Of leather an fur
Are the words
That laid unneeded
Uncared for
With the derision
Of the self sanctified
And ever so
Well meaning
The words
Of the child
Growing into her own
And lost
And those
Who threw those words
To the night wind
Never once cared

Autumn of my youth

Memories crunch

beneath my nearly naked feet

Dreams fade into the smell

of birth and death

yesterday, tomorrow, now





I walk

shuffle step

to hear the crunch

smell the mapply oakness

that escapes from

the roads that I didn’t take

and wish I had


And here I am

in the autumn of my youth

shuffling my feet


what are still my dreams

Through the songs unsung

The words stuck

racing each other

around in the addled rainbow of my brain


I lose myself

in trying in this autumn

to find myself again.

I listen to the shuffle crunch

that loses the memories

makes me wish

for the dreams that I still wish I could dream

though the light

of the harshest sun

burns away any false hope

realize that

if not today then when

but my today

is spent.


Inch by imperceptible inch
It eats away
At the night
Pushing back the quiet
The peace
The solicitude
The flights of fancy
REM sleep
Replacing it with
The stark
Of the day ahead
Glory in the breaking dawn
Capture it
Bottle it
To uncork
And savor
When the day gets long


I can hear them calling
Haunting is the melody
The song of long forgotten voices
Of the honeybees and fireflies
That skitter through my dreams
I feel the dew
Heavy and cold
under naked feet
Sticks fast the new cut grass
And taste the blue black blanket
Shivering under the weight
Of ten thousand ice stars
Frog and cricket chorus
Serenade the night dance
Moon shadows touch feet
Feet take flight
Misspent dreams of long ago