NO Regrets
Know regrets
I have a few
Pointless to mention
But now, yes NOW
I will start to do it my way
I am
No more than I am
but I’m so much more
than that which makes me whole
I can’t go back
recapture time, impossible
That which never was
never will be
but I can take today
make it mine
milk it dry
ride it for all it is worth
I have regrets, yes
but regret no more!


Well meaning people
With love and care
Gently build
Bars and chains
To protect
From pain and disillusionment
And joy and exhilaration

The cage may be decorative
Wrought iron and gingerbread
Gilt gold bars
And chocolate sauce
Or chains hammered from barbed wire
But a prison
No matter how fancy or fierce
No matter who it is built to protect
Is a prison still

Loose my chains
Protection from dreams
Is not
What anyone needs
Let me fly
Test my wings
I will try to remember
Not too close the flame
But the warmth and glow
Of happiness in the process
Is worth the chance

Tilt my heart

I know every line
Every crease
every stitch
in the toes of my shoes
every crack in the sidewalk
that I walk every day
I count
the blades of grass
and see the ants
as they creep through their day
my neck is sunburned
my face pale
from avoiding the sun
looking down
viewing the world
from its trash and shadows
tears as they fall
leave shorter tracks
when they only fall from
the bridge of my nose
and few people bother to see
the tracks that hide in your glasses
I hide
the ache in my heart
behind the foolishness
pain in my eyes
behind laughter, giggles and almost smiles.

Fight to look
to the stars
to the clouds
fight to remind my heart
that it has
the right to fly
not hide
okay to be
the me of my dreams



I feel the dark
The twisting dirt eating worms
that crawl through my soul
trying to eat away
at not only the edges
of my dreams
but at the core of my being
my soul
my all that I am

I fight
to squash the fears
to push the worms
not just our of my soul
where they can come back
or worse
eat away at someone else’s dreams
but to drive
the darkness
out of the world
so everyone can be free
to persue
their warmth and to
bask in the beauty and light
of their dreams

Stolen moments

I live
in fits and starts
my life in stolen moments
My Day to day life
Almost thoughtlessly
But whenever I can find
Stolen away from
The monotony world
I dare to dream my dream
In stolen moment
Hidden from
Prying eyes
Judgmental stares
The glare of the overhead watchers
I sneak
Pen to paper
Voice to song
Heart to heaven
My spirit lives
The secret dream
One more second
Closer to me

Reflections on Dreams

Mixed messages
all around
chase your dreams
advice abounds

Reality is sleeping
quiet in the bed
as typing bleeds
words left unsaid

Dr Phil preaching
to the less than happy
I wonder if these words
are just as crappy

I walk the walk
the bills to pay
and the words I write
at the end of the day

Sneak onto paper
as my whole house asleep
I keep them safe
and still my dreams I keep