I feel the dark
The twisting dirt eating worms
that crawl through my soul
trying to eat away
at not only the edges
of my dreams
but at the core of my being
my soul
my all that I am

I fight
to squash the fears
to push the worms
not just our of my soul
where they can come back
or worse
eat away at someone else’s dreams
but to drive
the darkness
out of the world
so everyone can be free
to persue
their warmth and to
bask in the beauty and light
of their dreams

Rats of my childhood

I hear them
The rats of my childhood
Chewing at the corners
Of my dreams
Clawing at the edges
Of my mind
Skittering through
The walls and ceilings
Taking what they can
Leaving destruction
I hold tightly to my books and shoes
My words
My breath
My sanity
Ready to launch
My attack

Facing the future

See the fear
Written brightly
Sharpie and highlighter
On spirals and syllabi
In her eyes
Fear of failure
Of success
Of what might be
What might have been
Shines bright
The promise of tomorrow in
Her courageous
Click if the door

Fox and Geese

In the not quiet silence
I sit
and shut out
all that is around me
with my thoughts
they chase
like fox and geese
in the snowy fields of my mind
I find the doubts
chasing my valiant efforts
at self confidence
trying to strip away
the mask I wear
to show the world that
I’m not just
every bit as scared
as they are


Looking inward
Looking Back
Regrets don’t pay
Only lessons remain
What did I learn
be gentle with me
be strong for others
be forceful when necessary
listen to my heart
instead of their logic
Don’t show fear
even when fear is all you have
take a chance
stick out your neck when it matters
because you never know how much it WILL matter
let everyone you love know
be gentle with me