You Don’t Know Me

In the cold dark emptiness
I answer your call
Stupid of me, I know
to hold out hope
that the call
just might
be because it matters enough to talk to me
Or because you wanted
in your ineffectual way
to make me feel like you care
again reality rings in the darkness
You need
I jump?
yeah, right…
you are wonderful
I ooh and ahh
in all the right places
you are ever so excited
about you
you don’t know me
you don’t even hear
I tell you the realities
and you
ever being you
have your canned answers
that don’t apply
and back to the purpose of the call
You are you
and you are wonderful
and you need me to do
this one eensie thing

and I
always an afterthought
bring up the
horse shit shoveling
ass end