I paint this face
This visage of mine
The brush I use
The bristles fine
To cover all that is exposed
The paint to hide
The fear and pain
I use bright colorful thick
And untrue
To hide the me
No one wants to see
Beneath the facade
I hide
Smiles and laughter I bring
But I bring it not
For the me I see
But for the joy and laughter
Everyone gets
From the tears of a clown

Fox and Geese

In the not quiet silence
I sit
and shut out
all that is around me
with my thoughts
they chase
like fox and geese
in the snowy fields of my mind
I find the doubts
chasing my valiant efforts
at self confidence
trying to strip away
the mask I wear
to show the world that
I’m not just
every bit as scared
as they are