Through the night
Of a thousand lies
That wrap your heart
In the midnight blue velvet
Of the hateful dress
Through the shattered places
Kicked into your soul
Shines the tiniest shimmer
Of the light
Blessed are the cracks
In the broken vessels
Of our lives
For through these cracks
Shine the undying glow
Of happiness, goodness and hope



I feel the dark
The twisting dirt eating worms
that crawl through my soul
trying to eat away
at not only the edges
of my dreams
but at the core of my being
my soul
my all that I am

I fight
to squash the fears
to push the worms
not just our of my soul
where they can come back
or worse
eat away at someone else’s dreams
but to drive
the darkness
out of the world
so everyone can be free
to persue
their warmth and to
bask in the beauty and light
of their dreams

I’m Tired

I’m tired
So tired
Of having to care
About appearances
And propriety
And doing the needful
As any good daughter/sister/trophy/chic
I’m tired
I just want to sleep
“I know”
“I’m sorry”
— so lame
— I wish I could help
— empty words
— through distance
— feeling emptier still
“I love you”
“tie a knot and hang on”
— to him
— to me
–to the vestige of hope
I want to let go
“I know”
When can I let go
“when he’s there to catch you”
— sleep precious one
— happy dreams
— butterfly wings
Will he ever get tired of catching me
“no not ever”
“not ever ever ever”
— this I know
— even from here I see
People usually do
“not theses people
Not this time”
–in time
— I know
— you will see
“hugs… “

I’m Fine

I blithely lie
Not just I’m Fine
but I’m Wonderful
convincing who?
not likely though
too much of a sarcastic tone
less likely still
I know
just how not quite
wonderful that I am
but maybe
The powers that
today’s destiny?
maybe they will hear
and bring
my sarcasm to reality