NO Regrets
Know regrets
I have a few
Pointless to mention
But now, yes NOW
I will start to do it my way
I am
No more than I am
but I’m so much more
than that which makes me whole
I can’t go back
recapture time, impossible
That which never was
never will be
but I can take today
make it mine
milk it dry
ride it for all it is worth
I have regrets, yes
but regret no more!


His Coffee
Only hot enough
To melt the crystals
Ceramic cup
cast off from a diner
a nickle at the yard sale
I get good
adding cream
Perfect number of coffee clouds
He’d sit
Wonder?  I wonder
Stir them away
Like the dreams
Of a retired factory worker
What dreams
did he have
that life and kids and all obligations
stirred away in his life.