What is the weight
of one flake of snow
of one grain of sand
of one thought or worry
one lie
one insult
one more hate filled word

What is the weight?
of one
when they build
one upon the other
when you have heard
enough hate
to fill the beach
with sand
to fill the mountain
full of snowflakes
the weight
is simply
too much
for one heart
to bear.

But courage
and love
a touch of trust
and faith
when kissed by the warmth
of a loving smile
can melt the flakes
can dune up the sand
and give
a beautiful sanctuary
in which to find
quiet respite.

The Knight in the Tin Foil Helmet

Into the silent darkness
atop his trusty steed
he rides
sword and crossbow
always at the ready
into the battles he sees
of slings and arrows
and the unfairness of things
just his trusty rusty steed to give him wings
his journey’s taken him
far afield
through the barrens
as well as the magic lands
where everyone dreams
and so many fear to tread
the stories he hears
join the ones in his mind
to create his wonderous worlds
the tales he hears
of armor that shines
warm in the mid day sun
the gleam and the glisten
of untested mettle
the attention and glory it brings
he sees them ride
atop handsomest mounts
the praise they seek
those of the armor that shines
not for him it seems
for through the darkness
atop his mount
through the battles he’s fought
pain and loneliness he’s come
the scars that he wears
has made him this man
this gentle and strongest of men
and when at night
he lays down his head
to sleep the rest of the weary
he takes off his helmet
his tinfoil helmet
and by his side gently keeps
for this is the helmet
dented tinfoil helmet
is really all that he needs
he rests his head
his helmetless head
at the end of his well fought day
in the arms of his love
that gentle his mind
and into slumber he falls
for he is the knight
in the tinfoil helmet
his armor is dented and worn
but the battles he’s seen
and the trials he’s known
make the man that you see here now
and the love that he knows
in his tinfoil helmet
the love that carries him through
the simple love for this gentle man
and the tinfoil helmet he wears
the most precious treasure of a man

I love yous…

She never said I love you
Doubted she probably never would
I thought for years
It was only me
That the defect there was mine
I was, after all, the one who broke the crayons
Evil child
Inconvenient child

Not quite smart enough
to know when I was sick
Not quite pretty enough
no not like the golden child
I was always
the one full of drama
the one
who never fit in
longing to matter
even just
half as much

His love
Was special love
Not told
No never
Always only shown
Special touches
Special hugs
Secrets never told
Humor covers
Insecure confusion
And still

Even now
with all I’ve left behind
all I miss
all of the fears
that fill my days
even now
Not quite
good enough
to be bothered with
i know
I get it
i see

Never told I love you
Never shown ever as good
never ever as good
— why can’t you be more like…
Never accepted as me
Never as good
Never enough
Never seen as me

I see
Hugs matter
I love yous matter
Never could I judge
you can be whoever you want to be
I will, to my dying breath,
let you know
that I love you forever
I like you for always
and no matter what
either of you do
my babies you will always be

I love you.

Heart Holes


Once upon a lonely time
I thought my heart
needed to be
unmarred and unmarked
No lumps
no bumps
no cracks
and certainly no holes
time has passed
I’ve discovered
the imperfections
found in my heart
the holes
and massive
some larger than
my heart itself
pefectly circular
connected to one another
by cracks
In time
I’ve found these holes
fit perfectly
with those irregularities
found in the hearts
of others
realization comes
each heart’s irregularities
those we hide
in shame
in fear
in misunderstanding
fit perfectly
with the irrigularities
in the hearts
of others
And now
more than anything in the world
I treasure
the irregularities in my own heart
that fit so perfectly
with the irregularities
of the hearts
who touch mine


Directly from your heart
I hear
the voice
and hate
I send to you
Through my heart
That which connects me to you
my thoughts
gentle love and peace
close your eyes
feel my heart
talking to yours
that I am here
my hand not quite in yours
yet holding us
forever close

Fear for a First Love

I see the love you have my dear
in the eyes with which you see
Devotion and understanding there
but are you missing that which is me


Passion and devotion hand in hand
For you my darling is free
But do you understand the love
trapped in my heart for thee


The stars in the sky
shine down from above
and light the passion
fire of our love

I pray that which I feel for you
deep within my heart
is strong enough my darling dear
to see we never part
I fear, my love
some day you’ll see
the lack I know within
and you will set me free
<<< Response poem in an AllPoetry contest.  Poem was in response to this poem.  I don’t usually try to do a rhyme sequence, but it didn’t turn out as badly as I was worried it would>>

Prayer Box

Small and silver
warm and heavy
hangs around my neck
love hidden within
Reminds me to of what matters
reminds me a hundred times a day
reach up
send prayers
encompassing prayers
loving prayers
I send them
a hundred times a day
know they are there
you are in my heart
my mind
my prayers
and with my prayers
I send
my love to you
in hopes that even
silent and unseen
it will wrap
in warm and gentle hugs.

The Love of Fear

the taste of fear

like right beside the heart

next to the love

underneath the joy

there is where there is fear

Fear need not be bad

it need not instill with it

the hate that bites

into the soul

taste the fear

learn how it feels

and smells

and when the day is done

know the fear

accept it

embrace the colors of it

when fear becomes

a friend rather than a foe

then the joy

and the love

tastes all the sweeter

He Told Me He Loves Me

Six little words
backlit in green
on my phone
fill my heart
with a smile so warm
the words could have been said to me

He told me he loves me
what more can I ask
as a mother
for my young
than to know the words

He told me he loves me

I don’t understand
how a parent can care
that the he who said it
said it to my son
to know that he is loved
despite it all
To know that a heart
reaches our to his heart
and told the softness in his soul

he told me he loved me

What love is


Love is a bright yellow cobra
Laying on the table
Gathering dust
And a smile

Love is a goomba
Clutched tightly in sleep
Buried in a backpack by day
To bring the love close

Love smiles at a text
Prints out facebook messages
To fold in a special way
Held by a tootail and heart strings