Wind kissed chimes
sing in the darkness
greet the morning stillness
in reprise to
the birds
far off trailer trucks
the not quite silent snore of the dog
and her farts
quiet and soft
arises to greet
the songs
that greet the day
the breeze
chilly and light
carries the songs
to here and now

Sun Day

As a dog sleeps
Warm and silent
In the long slanting Rays
Of the afternoon sun
So you
Long and lean
Stretch and turn
And salute the sun
The quiet
creeps in and around
and everywhere
there is

I send you flowers

I walk my silence
Beneath the shadows
of omnipresent clouds
and through it all
I send you flowers

I lose my way
by close of day
and fall into exhaustion
do you see though every day
I try to send you flowers

A single word
a thought, a prayer
a silent hug
no matter the hour
I send you flowers

Do you see them
Do you know
Do you even understand
or care
still, I send you flowers


Listen to the silence
that I can hear
The rain in the downspouts
the tick of the clock
the click of the keyboard
footsteps on the rocks
hear the hum of the street lights
chasing away the fog
the swollow in the coffee cup
as morning soothes the night
Listen to the silence
and hear
all of the sounds
it makes

RA Flare

Oh the full moon
this morning with the clouds
has a beautiful face

Where is the prednisone
why in the hell
did they put a childproof lid
on my freaking prednisone

Oh the coffee
smells heavenly
the creamy goodness is incredible

well hell
Broke another mug
shit I should have known it was too heavy
I guess it’s a plastic cup
kind of day

Oh thank you Kitty love
I love the way
your purrs make me smile

No don’t
not there
oh please
no no no
Sorry I scared you…
Didn’t mean to scream

Oh the peace of the morning
Sitting in the peaceful fog
windchimes sing

What, the oxy has childproof too
and even the dog’s tramadol
Someone get this knife
out of my shoulder
or get me a hammer
too much to do
got to get through

Attitude determines altitude
I can do this
I have to do this
I have to do this
I won’t puke
Find the center breathe
I think I can
I think I can




of being bugged
He’s bugging me
she bugged at me
It makes me want to scream
there has to be
some irony
in the happy way
some flowers
of nothing more
than wanting to be



Do you hear me calling
do you even care
Do you see my teardrops
do you even dare
Do you taste the sorrow
like a long forgotten pear
Do you feel the pain I feel
with your vacant stare
Do you smell the rotting
of that which is not there
Do you even want to know
the pain that we all wear
Can you hear us talking
in the silence that we bear
Can you understand us
with your cold and empty stare
Can you ever deem to love us
do we even have a prayer
Can you walk beside me
And look without your glare
Can you reach your hand to touch us
is our touch too much to bear
Can you stop to hear us
we all have so much to share


Petals fall

like teardrops
of the lost
the silence
of the never ending
with them falls
like the dreams
of the parent
so the petals of the child
on the surface
shed your tears
color the ground
with your dreams
for even in broken